5 best ways to take best care of your fashion jewelry

Posted by David on 7th Apr 2019

5 best ways to take best care of your fashion jewelry

If you love to treasure the latest fashion Jewel collection and love to showcase your immaculate style, it is equally important for you to take a good care of your fashion jewelry to keep it as radiant as new. Investing in Fashion jewelry makes a sense when you want to extend your collection but if you are buying fashion jewelry because the pieces you own are frequently losing their shine and luster, it’s time to upgrade your knowledge about up-keeping your Fashion Jewelry to make it last longer.

Here are the 5 exclusive tips which will help you in taking best care of your fashion jewelry and to keep it as good as new:

  • Avoid exposure to water and other liquids

The main reason causing corrosion and rusting to your jewel pieces is the exposure to the water, sweat and other liquids. It also leads to fading of luster and add a rough look to your jewelry. In many cases, the polish also goes off and the jewelry becomes redundant.

It is important to avoid wearing your base metal fashion jewelry when you are expected to exposed to the waters say, at beach party. You can use beaded bracelets and shell necklaces which will not only accentuate your style but also does not get affected by the water exposures.

  • Store it in a proper place

We often have a habit to take off our fashion jewelry and keep it aside in a cupboard or drawer hastily. Over the time, the compilation of many pieces at the same piece may lead to tangling of the jewelry causing breakage. Also, as the various pieces get scratched due to friction with each other, it is tend to lose its luster.

Further the exposure to oxygen may cause the corrosion. Hence, it is highly recommended to use an air tight container to treasure your jewelry which can avoid any exposure to oxygen. Also, there should be ample space for each piece to be stored properly to avoid any scratches or damage.

Use a plastic bag or zip pouch and wrap your each jewel with cotton to extend an extra care. The pristine pieces like ear studs should be kept separately pair-wise to avoid any friction.

  • Never wear the same piece everyday

Wearing the same jewelry will not only question to your fashion sense but will also add monotony and early deterioration of the jewel piece. It is always recommended to wear them occasionally to enjoy their increased life span. Fashion jewelry is not meant for the regular use as you are tend to expose to many forms of liquids as well as sweat.

Wearing costume jewelry will not only prolong its lie but also add a sparkle to your looks by marking your distinction from your everyday looks.

  • Wipe you jewelry properly before storing

Even if we are not exposed to any liquid or other harmful chemicals while wearing fashion jewelry, you should make it a customary to wipe your jewelry properly before storing it. Because explore to the humid environment and oxygen also react with the metals used in making jewelry enhancing its dull looks.

Wiping off regularly will help to clean off any unwanted and unnoticed substance and will keep your jewelry moisture free while storing to avoid any rusting or corrosion.

  • Apply perfume before wearing fashion jewelry

The finish touch always calls for a mesmerizing fragrance by the way of perfume but you have to alter this rule to add life to your fashion jewelry. Avoid any direct contact of your jewelry with the perfume and the make up to make it last longer.

Once you are ready with your outfit and make up. Apply the perfume. Wait for a minute and then wear fashion jewelry to avoid it getting in contact with any harsh chemicals.